The use of Stretch Hood film is more environmentally safe, cost effective, energy saving and convenient way to palletized materials.

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Advantages: uniformity of the tightening force by height, the lack of the cling layer, the tightening in the absence of heat and the strong tightening force.

The bussines at DEFAPLAST INVEST SRL is based at production at diffrent types of product from polyethylen and salles of this at intern market and export.

Our company's product catalog includes:
- polyethylene films/foils,
- coextruded films/foils - stretch-hood, laminated foils, termocontractibles films and foils,
- polyethylene confections: polyethylene pipes, PVC pipes, bags etc.

Company produces products that are customized to each client and are of great diversity, ensuring a constant demand for products, ie a continuous production flow.

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- Stretch Hood Foil
- Mulch Foil
- Lamination Film
- Sparanghel Foil
- Termocontractibles Foil

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- Polyethylene Pipes
- PVC Pipes

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